Retirement Application Forms and Process – FERS & CSRS

Retirement Application Forms and Process – FERS & CSRS

The average time to process a retirement application is currently 94 days

If you choose to come in for a one-on-one appointment (recommended), we will walk you through the entire process. At the end of the meeting you will have a complete understanding of what to expect from your Retirement Benefits, a completed retirement packet that is ready to be mailed by you, and a copy of all notes, calculations, and forms.

If you are confident in your ability to decipher the process on your own, the necessary forms can be found by clicking below.

Be aware – Any mistakes or missing information will cause your retirement to be delayed until the issues are resolved.

Where to send the Application:

  • If you have been separated from federal service for more than 30 days, submit your application to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).
  • If you are still working, submit it to your employer.

     U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Retirement Operations Center

     Post Office Box 45

     Boyers, PA 16017

You can help reduce delays in processing by submitting your application in advance and by making sure your Official Personnel Folder (OPF) is complete.

What Does OPM do to Process Your Claim?

  1. Determines your eligibility for an annuity and continued health and life insurance coverages.
  2. Computes the amount of your annuity
  3. Sends you materials concerning:
    • your survivor benefit election
    • the alternative form of annuity
    • rollover to an IRA, or
    • if you are a FERS MRA+10 retiree, your annuity commencing date.
  4. Authorizes your annuity payment which is paid by the Department of the Treasury.
  5. Sends you an annuity statement.

We will be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have throughout this process